Back seat

During a poetry masterclass week I was asked to write a poem about a journey. At first I thought of a major event, like a holiday, but then I wondered if I could make more of a mundane journey more interesting. I chose a trip that holds special significance to me and wrote about that. This is dedicated to wonderful Lou. I hope it makes you all smile, Luc

I know it’ll only take a while
Twenty minutes, nothing at all really
With her with me I’m always safe
but not completely, not yet
Those I’m looking for are those I love,
those who give me peace
Happiness – I’ll find it at the end,
I hope, I wish
And the traffic drones miles away,
so remote from thoughts and feelings,
from the radio-forced wonderings
of my mind, and the building excitement
But only when we park up on the familiar concrete drive,
and the front door opens,
and I see the cherished, over-photographed
faces, does a smile pull up the corners of my lips

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