The world is changing

Tunisia tried, and prompted Egypt to follow. They both succeeded. Now, all across the Middle East, ordinary people are rising up against those who have ruled them for decades, if not centuries. In Yemen, Bahrain and Libya protesters are demanding the rights and freedoms they have been denied for so long.

People power seems to be winning, which is something that should give millions of people around the world a very important thing – hope. For so many, hope is the one thing that drives them on and now we are finally seeing it bring about real change. A new era of democracy is tantalisingly close.

Of course, these things take time. These countries have been under autocracy for so long that there simply is not an acceptable political system that could allow free and fair elections. In Egypt and Tunisia, it will be some time before new constitutions are instated. We need to allow this to happen without growing impatient for change. If things are hurried there will be opportunities for people to take advantage of the new system. Most importantly, the West needs to put trust in the people of these countries, because we can not force our ideals on them. For democracy to succeed, it must be chosen by the people.

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