Hello readers – oh it is nice to have readers! Again, I have some apologies to make. I’ve been asked a few times where on earth the second installment of Home is and the answer, to be honest, is somewhere in my head. That is to say, I know what I want to write, I just have not had time to write it as I have been trying to hone my journalistic skills. Please forgive me. I am solemnly promising you that part two will appear during my Easter holidays, which I much look forward to.

There have been a lot of important news recently and I am painfully aware that I have not documented it very much. For this I apologise. It is very frustrating, because every time I watch the headlines (which is often, I am ever so slightly obsessed) I want to write about four different posts. And if I did that, I would not do any homework and would be zombified from a lack of sleep. Wait, is zombified a word? It is now.

On another note, some books by Carol Ann Duffy, the poet laureate, were recently given to me as an award. I have only read a few poems, but I have found them quite inspiring. I am jumping back on to the creative bandwagon.

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