Deposed dictator to face justice

Ever since Hosni Mubarak resigned from his post as Egypt’s President, crowds have remained in Tahrir Square, demanding that he should face justice. They wanted him tried for the use of violence against protestors in January and February, as well as for numerous abuses of power during his thirty year rule. At one point this week it seemed as if they would get what they wanted. Egypt’s Prosecutor General, who is in charge of the country’s judicial system, ordered the detention of Mr Mubarak and his two sons on Tuesday, pending further investigation. Once under questioning, however, Mr Mubarak suffered heart problems and was admitted to hospital. Many ordinary Egyptians are suspicious of the timing of his illness and they worry that he will evade punishment because of his old age and deteriorating health. Yesterday, however, state television was said to have announced a court date for Mubarak’s first trial – the 19th April. It remains to be seen whether Mr Mubarak will make a suitable recovery.

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