Push off with a strong stroke,
One, two, one, loss of rhythm
Loss of me,
Bluff, I’m fine, this is my art
Here with my wet skin,
I carve,
Inside I’m cold, cold,
The numbness like a flash
Inside, I dance
I throw a pebble into the lake
And the ripples show me all the ripples
And all the pebbles I have known
Felt their weight in my palm.
They are lighter now, smoother now
That I have to bend my knees to touch them
The ripples spread away from me
Till together they lap the far shore
And sound like child’s play
Out of my reach

1 Comments on “Poems”

  1. Beautiful Luc. I'd like to read this to the children in my class. They would be mesmerised and it would be a fantastic opportunity to show them the powerful imagery which can be created in poetry. Stunning xx


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