Push off with a strong stroke,
One, two, one, loss of rhythm
Loss of me,
Bluff, I’m fine, this is my art
Here with my wet skin,
I carve,
Inside I’m cold, cold,
The numbness like a flash
Inside, I dance
I throw a pebble into the lake
And the ripples show me all the ripples
And all the pebbles I have known
Felt their weight in my palm.
They are lighter now, smoother now
That I have to bend my knees to touch them
The ripples spread away from me
Till together they lap the far shore
And sound like child’s play
Out of my reach

One thought on “Poems

  1. Beautiful Luc. I'd like to read this to the children in my class. They would be mesmerised and it would be a fantastic opportunity to show them the powerful imagery which can be created in poetry. Stunning xx


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