Is international diplomacy working?

Hello all. I’m writing this instead of revising for my mocks, planning university applications and generally doing things I need to do. But, you know, if I don’t blog for a while I get really cranky. Really cranky. Anyway, what do I have to say today…

Firstly, a word or several on Syria. Along with the appalling loss of life, torture and incredible despotism, the ‘Syria crisis’ has showed us the true uselessness of international diplomacy. It seems that the UN – the world’s only chance of achieving anything, has been hijacked by China and Russia. This surely is a worrying state of affairs? These two incredibly powerful countries have one rather important shared trait: they are ruled by dictatorial regimes. When asked at the UN’s Security Council to vote against Syria’s President Assad, they unsurprisingly refused. What we can do about this, I have no idea. However, the West need not just sit on its bum and do nothing. There is a lot that can still be done without the Council. The General Assembly passed a similar but less important resolution that did not require an unanimous vote. Now stronger consternation needs to come from the Arab League, which should start drafting a deal to put to Assad. A safe zone needs to be set up in Turkey, beside the Syrian border, so that refugees have somewhere to go. This would also allow the opposition to ferment itself into something coherent which can stand up for itself. Plans to set up a safe zone inside Syria are ludicrous. It would just give the army a definite target. I sincerely hope the international community realise this.

My despair at the international response to Syria has been calmed a little by the recent effort to do something about Somalia. Last year I reported on the famine that was devastating millions of lives and the rule of the militant al-Shabab Islamic group. However, the Shabab have suffered some defeats in recent months. The UN’s peace-keeping force has even managed to clear the militants from most areas on Mogadishu, the capital, and a vague sense of normality has returned. Yesterday David Cameron, the British Prime Minister, chaired a summit to help create a proper international plan to support Somalia. Today he announced that the UN had extended the mandate for its forces and African Union troops to stay and keep the peace. The conference set out big steps on the road to ending piracy, especially establishing where any pirates will be tried. He also set counter terrorism methods and renewed the international community’s commitment to providing humanitarian aid. If all these agreements are as good as they sound, this forsaken country may have a chance of clawing its way forwards.

Before I sign off I just have to mention the Sun on Sunday. Let’s just say, everytime I hear or see the advert I get wound up. The fact that Rupert Murdoch has the guts to open this paper shows that the man has no morals. It also makes me sad, as I feel that when The News of the World shut down the collective intelligence of the nation jumped a few notches – I am sorry but as an aspiring journalist intrested in the truth I am not a fan of tabloids. When in doubt, read this blog.

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