WOW update

Hello all. I thought you might be interested in some news from the WOW campaign.
I had a letter from TfL (addressed to me at WOW – we’re official now!). Following a recent GLA Transport Committee report, they have set up some very promising initiatives. Here’s what they write:
  • Redeveloping bus drivers’ disibility awareness training to be more practical than theory based and involve people with reduced mobility in the training.
  • Improving guidance for dri…vers via the London Buses handbook
  • Introducing a requirement for bus drivers to display identification
  • Introducing more publicity on buses (I think they mean notices)
  • In the future, to introduce a new fleet of buses which have flip-up chairs, to reduce demand for the wheelchair bay.

I am most pleased by these developments – mission part accomplished! Now, we need to ensure that these initiatives are implemented. And we are not quite finished…

I have noticed that the signage asking buggy owners to make space has recently moved to well below eye-level. I am also slightly confused as to why I go free, but my carer has to pay a fare. This seems to negate free travel for anyone who needs a companion. Hopefully we can change that too.

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