Sunshine plans

The AS exams are over. I can stop repeating economics definitions while highlighting key dates from the French Revolution. For the next two weeks, I can even get up late. I can even blog. What a relief.

You would think, naturally, that I have nothing to do. My brain is so overwhelmed by the euphoria of finishing the damn exams that it also believes this fantasy. But for the past month I have done nothing but procrastinate and revise, leaving everything else until now. There’s quite a bit to do – but at least I actually want to do it.

The most pressing requirement is to revive the WOW campaign, which has gone into some kind of forced hibernation. I’m looking forward to working on something I’m really passionate about and making a little bit of progress – if only on the organisational front. I have to admit that London’s bus drivers are being more useful, but we’re still having issues. There seems to be a new fault that has hit every bus I try to board recently – the ramp retracts as soon as it touches the pavement. I strongly suspect a lack of maintenance.

Aside from the campaign, I am beginning to think about my senior scholarship – a research and essay competition run by my school and undertaken in the summer between AS and A2. So far, I have decided to do something on the progress of democracy in Russia, mainly concentrating on the period from the fall of Communism up until the recent re-election of Putin. The ‘something’ needs to be qualified quite soon, so I have a rather imposing book entitled Lenin’s Tomb to get through. I have probably set myself an impossible task, but this is a subject I have always been interested in while knowing nothing about. My senior scholarship is the perfect way to rectify this.

What else? Well, a first draft of my personal statement is due after half term, and I’m visiting Bath University soon. I went to an open day at Warwick University recently and was very excited by the Politics with International Studies course, so a comparison with Bath is much needed. Warwick is also very accessible, which is naturally a top priority. We will have to see how good Bath is on this front, but hopefully I won’t be disappointed.

It’s all very exciting, and the weather is glorious too. Here’s hoping the sunshine lasts.

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