What a day to turn two

Two years ago I typed the words ‘Topical Creativity’ into a title box and pressed submit. I’ll admit it now that I did not think it’d last – I thought I’d get distracted by some other interest, like astrophysics. But, although life has done somersaults multiple times in the past 730 days, Topical Creativity has kept going.

This blog has done more for me than I could ever have imagined. It’s given me a focus, a hobby, something that’s mine and just mine. And by doing that, it has to some extent shaped my life. When I first started blogging, I was dreaming of studying English literature and then becoming a novelist. A month ago, I submitted my UCAS application to do a degree in politics and international relations. A side interest in current affairs has become the main occupation of my thoughts. How things have changed.

Take today as your example. Today I have been obsessively checking BBC News under the desk in my lessons (economics, no English lit in sight) to see where the polls are. Two years after I changed my own life, Americans are deciding everyone else’s fate. What a day to turn two.

I must thank all of those who have encouraged me to write and indulge me by reading. Here’s to many happy returns.

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