To be a writer

This is my first post of the summer of 2013 – the first, I hope, of many. Yesterday I finished my A-levels, and put down forever the pen of secondary education. The future is ahead of me and I want to write my way towards it.

Yes, I want to be that elusive thing – a writer. And thanks to an extraordinary confluence of good circumstances and luck, my dream is getting a little closer. I did some work experience at Prospect magazine over the Easter holidays (which, as it happens, more than confirmed my ambition to be a journalist) and at the end of my time there they asked me to write an article about my campaign for the website. A few weeks later, I received the amazing news that they were publishing my article in the print magazine. It was, it’s safe to say, one of the happiest moments of my life when a copy arrived on my doorstep the day the June issue hit the newsstands and I flicked to page 17 to see my words in neat type. My professional writing career no longer seemed such a pipe-dream. Yesterday, as if to ice the cake of my new freedom, Prospect asked me to write another article – on anything I like. So, dear reader, I am looking for suggestions. Please comment below with any ideas.

In the four months until I (hopefully) go to university, I intend to write as much as humanly possible – I want to give Topical Creativity the attention it has lacked for too long. I want to combine this with reading all the books I haven’t got around to yet – novels and non-fiction alike. And I want to concentrate on campaigning for the things I believe in. So, it turns out, I am not going to relax anymore now than I did when at school. But now, I’m excited.

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