This is one of those rare posts in which I actually write about myself; there is just so much going on that I’d better tell my readers all about it. So here goes:

Firstly, some fantastic news. After a second work experience placement at Prospect, I have somehow, remarkably, become part of their blogging team – partly due to this blog. I don’t know the specifics of the role yet, but I know it involves writing for the website about once a month. It is impossible to explain to the non-journalists among my readers how incredible this is – I was speechless when the editor asked me if I would be interested (yes!), and that doesn’t happen often. My brain still slows to a stunned stupor when I think about it. Someone pinch me, please.

Part of the reason for my inability to get my head around this turn of events is that I haven’t had time to stop and process it. I am leaving home in nine days. Nine days. I have been frantically buying bedding and kitchen utensils and all sorts of things I never even realised I use all the time. I have been squeezing in coffee with friends who I won’t see again until Christmas and attempting to read Political Philosophy: an Introduction for Politicians and Students, which, thankfully, is easier to understand than the title suggests. And on top of that, I have been interviewing for carers. which has got to be one of the most stressful things I have to do in life. But we’ve got there, and I now have 24 hour care in place. Having multiple carers will be a new experience for me and is therefore slightly nerve-racking, but it will also give me more freedom than I have ever had before.

So here I am, busy and nervous and excited all at once – my mind all over the place. So I guess this is a warning that blogging may become a little erratic when term starts – especially during Freshers’! But, despite all the work and partying (I can hope, right?), I will undoubtedly be writing, both for Prospect and, hopefully, the student paper, The Boar. And for all that, Topical Creativity is not being forced into retirement. As for the past three years, I will be at these keys at every chance I get. I love this blog, I am not going anywhere.

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