10 weeks

So this is an unusual post, in that it is fairly personal. But I have just returned from my first term at Warwick University – 10 weeks full of politics, clubbing, and a lot of sugar. The things that stand out most though are the friends I have made and the laughter we have shared. So in excruciating soppiness, I’m writing this about my Warwick family. 

First, Fran number 1: carer and shopper extraordinaire. Then Fran 2: carer, chocolate-eater and late-night deep conversationalist. Third, Amber: carer and chief mick-taker. These girls and their wonderful caring can’t be summarised in words, but I hope they know how grateful I am for everything, especially this little thing they have given me called independence. None of this would have been possible without them. 

Then there are the amazing people of Bluebell; Callum, Shannon, Kurt, Sina, Martyn, Sam, Max and Sam. I couldn’t think of better people to have about. And my political friends Becky and Amy. I look forward to many more debates and much agonising over essays the morning they’re due. 

Finally, the best flatmates a girl could have – Anna and her carer Em. It’s been 10 weeks but I feel like I’ve known these kind, funny, mind-blowingly amazing girls all my life. With them, my cerebral palsy never matters, nor my crazy morning hair. Together we’ve gone from the nervousness of Freshers’ to the madness of the Christmas Ball – and I for one have never looked back. 

So suffice to say, the decision to go to Warwick was the best I’ve ever made. I can’t wait for next term. My New Year’s resolution is going to have to be to do a little more work amongst all the fun – I do need to graduate, after all. 

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