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Sorry, I really don’t like Mitt

It’s been a slightly hectic half term – filled with history coursework, UCAS forms and marginal cost curves. And it hasn’t just been busy for me. The American election has heated up, Syria and Turkey are sparring at their border and the party conference season bored everyone to tears. I went on holiday to Washington, […]

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Obama in the lead?

The recent killing of America’s ambassador to Libya after a crowd set fire to the Benghazi embassy in protest against an American film said to criticise the prophet Mohammed does not bode well for the teetering new country. But ramifications may also be felt miles away in Washington, particularly on 6th November – election day. […]

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Evaluation of Russia’s democratic history 1996-2012

This is my senior scholarship, an essay I wrote over the summer as an extension to my studies.How has democracy progressed in Russia? A comparison of the 1996 and 2012 Presidential elections While most European states moved towards, and in a majority of cases fully adopted, democracy in the 19th and 20th centuries, Russia was still controlled […]

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