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Coldplay – a review

This is my review, now live on Blue Badge Style, of Coldplay’s concert at the Emirates Stadium on Saturday 2nd June. The opportunity to write for BBS was fantastic and a tribute to social media’s networking capabilities. It’s a fantastic site carrying out a very important function, and I hope I will be able to […]

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A WOW letter

This is the letter I sent to TfL today. I hope it will give you a flavour of what we are doing. Feel free to follow suit! Following our previous correspondence, I would like to inform you of my recent experiences on your buses. I would first like to say that the treatment I have […]

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WOW gets rolling

This is the letter I wrote back to TfL, who in response to my first letter informed me that everything WOW is campaigning for is in fact already meant to happen. I will keep you updated on any developments. Thank you for your letter of the 31st January regarding my experience as a wheelchair user […]

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