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The Vatican, and the rest of Italy, are recruiting new CEOs

This month’s news has been distinctly foggy – everything has been caught up in the horse meat ‘scandal’ which isn’t a scandal at all and the mind-boggling fall of an idol, Oscar Pistorius. Although I have much to say on the latter subject, I can’t seem, try as I might, to put my conflicting thoughts […]

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Happy New Year! 2011 in review

It’s been quite the year. Let me take you back in time and show you how the world changed – mostly for the better. January and February saw most of Europe glued to its television screens as people in the Arab world joined together in open rebellion against the despots who have ruled the Magreb […]

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Arrivederci Berlusconi!

The old elite of European politics continues to self-implode (which may be no bad thing), as the Euro-crises blunders its way into November. I have not written about any of this before because, quite honestly, it’s boring and I don’t really understand it anyway. But when pressure from the EU fells two national leaders in […]

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