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Japan shuffles forward on stoic feet

One year on from the triple calamity that slammed into Japan on the 11th March 2011, have things improved? As with everything, yes and no. The sea was calm yesterday as children threw in flowers to remember lost relatives. Smoke has stopped billowing from the Fukushima Dai-ichi plant and the tremors have stopped. But the […]

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Japan’s developing disaster ‘as bad as Chernobyl’

The Japanese have raised the severity level of the Fukushima nuclear disaster from five to seven. This is the highest possible level and puts Fukushima on a par with Chernobyl, where the final death toll was huge (the actual number of dead is still under debate). This comparison has caused widespread panic on both a […]

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Round up of the news

Ivory Coast enters civil warFollowing UN run elections last year the defeated former President, Laurent Gbagbo, refused to step down. Since then a bitter stalemate between him and the internationally-recognised President Elect Allasane Ouattara has crippled the country’s economy. After Gbagbo failed to leave office by the deadline set by the African Union, forces loyal to Ouattara mounted […]

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