Lockdown library

How is everyone? It’s been a bit of a time hasn’t it? I keep feeling like someone took the snow globe of my life and gave it a good shake. Things have settled now but nothing is quite how it was before. Confession time, though: I haven’t really minded lockdown. Of course I’m immensely privileged […]

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Isolation with Nora

It started with Heartburn. The novel, you understand, by Nora Ephron. It had come my way as a recommendation from a friend, as a book perfect for These Times. And it was. For three glorious days I was transported out of myself and lockdown London and into the life of Rachel (Nora) and the 1970s on […]

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Anxiety in the time of coronavirus

I don’t know when I am going to see my friends again. For me, that is the worst part of this coronavirus induced isolation we all find ourselves in. I can live quite happily without the pub, the shop, the theatre. As a disabled person, I am used to interminable days spent on the sofa, […]

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