Entering the four-digit world

Hey readers! I’ve just had my one-thousandth page view! No one seems to be as excited about this as I am, but I do not care. It’s quite a milestone really, but it’s also quite sad. I’ve just been looking up how to increase blog traffic and lots of sites have sentences along the lines of ‘if you want 1000 page views a day, here’s what to do…’ A thousand a day? I’ve had a thousand in, well, five months. That’s just miserable. So here is my word to you: help. Please, please tell people about Topical Creativity. Do what I’ve done and learn the URL so you can distribute it to random passers by – well maybe not, but you get my drift. Link me into things too, everywhere. Just do anything, please. Topical Creativity wants to be heard. Now I’m off to celebrate by munching on an Eater egg. Life’s good. Luc

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