Warwick: round 2

I honestly thought that this summer would drag, yet I have been remarkably busy. Most enjoyably, I have seen many old school friends and carers, who I had missed dearly. I have also managed to see almost all of my friends from Warwick, whether down here in London or up in Birmingham, which has been great, and I am grateful to those who made the trek as it’s easier for them to visit me than vice versa. But the highlight of the summer was definitely our trip to Barcelona, where the sun shone and we soaked in the delights of the city – I am very excited to see where we end up next year.

Whilst I have not been as productive as I should have been, I have at least used my brain a fair bit. I have done stints of work experience at Prospect and the Week, and have written quite a lot too. As ever, I’ve indulged in reading the media, and will miss days spent reading the New Yorker when term starts anew. To prepare for the coming year, I read a brief (if 600 pages can be called brief) history of the 20th century, in a bid to be able to contextualise what I learn, and have so far put a 118-page dent in Thomas Hobbes’ Levaithan, which will be one of my core texts. It is a tough and dull read, and I am a little apprehensive about studying it, so I am hoping that lectures clear things up. Nevertheless, at least I have started.

But the summer I have had pales in comparison to my excitement about going back to Warwick. University is definitely my second home, and I am so looking forwards to nights out and being surrounded by friends. Yet this year will be more serious than the last – as my marks now count towards my final degree, the pressure is truly on. I will have to work harder and sleep less, especially as I am also editing a magazine and still writing for Prospect. There’s a lot to do, but I have always liked a challenge and am quietly confident that I will survive. I gave myself a year to adjust and have fun, and now it’s crunch time. Bring it on, I say, so long as Hobbes doesn’t kill me before we’ve even started!

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